Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big Boy's Barbecue (Crossville Tennessee): Baked Potato with Barbecued Pulled Pork

Ok, I know.  I finally do a post for food that I ordered while outside of California and what do I do?  I put a picture of a big, meaty, gnarly, artery clogging, pulled pork and hot sauce-covered  baked potato in front of you and have to sheepishly admit that I was in Tennessee for 4 days and didn't make sufficient effort to get a plate of nachos.  I have an excuse, though.  This food is much more representative of where I was this past weekend than a plate of nachos could ever be!  Admittedly, we stopped at Chili's for dinner on the way from the airport to my Grandparents' house where I surely could have gotten a plate of nachos, but 1) I could have gotten nachos from Chili's in California just 10 minutes from my office, and 2) Chili's nachos aren't that great to begin with.  Let me tell you, though, this was one excellent pile of succulent southern slop.  A big, fat baked potato with tender pulled pork and really good hot sauce was just what this Californian needed to feel at home in Tennessee.  Food like this and an ample supply of cocktail fixings at my Grandparents' house helped make it a fun, relaxing 4 day weekend.  Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa Hal!
Rating:  Unrated
Rating Notes:  Did you forget that this is a nacho blog?
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