Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings (San Jose, CA): Screamin' Nacho Burger

Wow - it's been over a month since my last post!  I have no other excuse than that I've been on kind of a heath kick lately.  And how do I reward your patience?  With a post about a nacho BURGER??

Well, Before you open a can of queso and fling it all over your screen in anger, let me tell you, this burger actually has the minimum requisite ingredients to be a bona-fide plate of nachos.

Check it:
Chips?  Check! (see them peeking out from under the pattie?)
Cheese?  Check! (gooey queso slathered all over the burger)
Meat?  Check! (hey, no one said the meat on the nachos couldn't be one-piece, right?)
Bonus?  Jalapeños and Salsa!

I have to admit that all of this together didn't actually create the virtual flavor of a plate of nachos, but it sure was good in all of its 1400 calorie glory!

Rating: 2½ out of 5
Rating Notes:  Would have had another point if it were actually a plate of nachos, but hey, not a bad score for something that's not actually nachos!
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