Thursday, July 14, 2011

Del Taco (Campbell, CA): Macho Nachos with Chicken

Sometimes, you go to a restaurant with low expectations, thinking that you are probably going to get something pretty mediocre, something that doesn’t taste great, but will do ok  because you’re so hungry.  Then you get there, order your food, it shows up and turns out to be a completely unexpected, awesome explosion of flavors and textures that you never would have thought you’d find in a fast food joint.  You end up eating it fast so you can whip out your smartphone or race home and jump on Twitter and Facebook as soon as possible to tell the world how amazing and unexpected the culinary experience you just had was.  After that, you call your mom, tell her about your meal and ask her, “Why couldn’t you possibly have cooked anything when I was growing up that vaguely approached the magic of the meal that I just ate?!”  She starts crying, runs into the family room where your dad is watching football, smacks him across the face, and asks him through tear-filled eyes how he could have raised such a heartless, unappreciative son.   Do you feel guilty?  No.  Do you worry that your dad is getting a beating?  No.  You don’t care, because you’ve just had the end-all-be-all version of your favorite food…

This was not one of those times.

Let’s just say that this “macho”-sized pile of canned/processed goo over chips tasted, smelled, and delivered exactly the dining experience you’d expect from a Taco Bell competitor.  The dark red spots you see all over them are “Del Inferno” hot sauce that I sprinkled on to punch up the flavor a bit.  Sure, they were a step up from a Taco Bell Nachos Supreme (see my first ever post), but the chicken would definitely have been right at home in a TB “Chalupa”, so don’t go rushing out to try these.  I really should have ordered beef instead, since the flavor would have been pretty expected (read ‘ok’) for this type of eatery, but as far as I know, Del Taco is one of the only fast food places where you can get chicken nachos, so I went with “pollo”.  Maybe I’ll try the Green Burrito for my next Mexican fast food outing…

Rating: 2 out of 5
Rating Notes: These nachos got an Extra ½ point for giving me inspiration for a silly, tongue-in-cheek introduction for this blog post.
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