Monday, October 24, 2011

Bonus Post: Howard Cosell and Nachos!

As it turns out, Howard Cosell is one of the people we have to thank for popularizing nachos, even those made with "plastic" nacho cheese.  How?  By the time the famed sports commentator was on the air, nachos had become a popular specialty in restaurants across Texas, but were virtually unknown across the rest of the country.  One day in 1977 at Arlington Stadium in Arlington Texas, a concessionaire named Frank Liberto decided to try to sell nachos at his stand  To make things more time and cost-effective, he allegedly reformulated the cheese to be soft all the time.  At first, sales were moderate at best, but what really made things take off was a visit by Monday Night Football later that year.  Before the game started they were offering the plastic cheese nachos in the reception area where Howard Cosell came in and he liked the name "nachos".  That night and for a while after, Cosell and the rest of the “Monday Night Football” broadcast team worked the word "nacho" and the product itself into their banter.  The popularity of nachos grew exponentially thereafter!

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