Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Victoria Taqueria (San Jose, CA): Super Nachos with Chicken

Nachos as they came from the kitchen...
This is another taqueria that I'd had a number of people suggest to me, so I definitely had high hopes for this plate (basket?) of nachos.  I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't exactly thrilled either.
The Bad:
- Stale chips
- Small portion of very thin guacamole
- Liquid nacho cheese
The good:
- Excellent Chicken
- Excellent Green salsa (I added this myself)
...and nachos slathered in "Orange Sauce" 
The really good:
- An unlimited supply of La Vic's famous "Orange Sauce", which I of course had to slather the nachos in!
All in all, probably the best "plastic cheese" nachos that I've had, but what a disappointment to not have real melted cheese with that great chicken!  It occurred to me that with the exception of the chicken, there is no cooking at all involved in the assembly of this batch of nachos.  Someone call the authenticity police!
Check out the pretty tiles on the booth benches!  I wish the comfort of the benches matched the beauty...
Rating: 3 out of 5
Rating Notes: Excellent chicken. Orange Sauce is as good as everyone says it is, if not a bit too spicy for me. They really could do better on the chips.
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