Friday, March 2, 2012

Iguanas (San Jose): Iguanas Nachos with Chipotle Chicken

After hearing about Iguanas from friends and seeing the episode of "Man v. Food" where the host attempts to eat their 5lb "Burritozilla" (failed), I was really looking forward to these nachos and even made the trip to down town San Jose and parked in a paid garage (warning - Iguana's doesn't validate).  I ordered their "Chipotle Chicken" for my meat selection since it's their shredded chicken option.  So how were they?
Allow me start by declaring to all that as of my considerable experience up to this point, unless you're a vegetarian, beans do not belong on nachos!  They muck up the flavor of the meat and and remove all the crispiness from the chips underneath!  That was exactly the case here.  What was presumably very good chicken got lost in a sea of beans and cheese and the thin, otherwise excellent chips got totally sogged out.  Overall, a decent plate (styrofoam container?) of nachos, but could have been a lot better.

Side note:  Iguanas has 2 signature menu selections, the aforementioned "Burritozilla" and their famous "Nacho Fries".  I'd intended to mix things up a bit and get their famous Nacho Fries, but the friendly cashier told me that they were currently out of fries.  WTF?  Word of advice - if you're going to give something a big, bold title on your menu, don't run out of ingredients before the lunch rush starts!

One last thing: I'd like to thank our engineering lead, YJ, who is from China, for making the trip to the United States and giving me an excuse to eat great food with him every day!

Rating: 3 out of 5
Rating Notes: Too many beans, but good chicken and excellent salsas to add some much-needed flavor.  Lots of chopped JalapeƱos on top worked well to spice things up.
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