Thursday, March 8, 2012

El Amigo Burrito (San Jose, CA): Nachos with Chicken

El Amigo Burrito, you are my friend!  Or maybe I should say that your nachos, not your burrito, is my friend?  Although, the chicken fajita burrito that my nacho wing-woman ordered looked really good, so maybe your burrito could be my friend someday?  Someday when the world runs out of nachos, when the green rivers of guacamole stop flowing the magical food that we call "cheese" is no more?  Yeah, like that'll ever happen!  Nachos will be around forever, when man no longer walks the face of this planet and the oceans run dry, there will be a plate of nachos somewhere, existing in all of its eternal glory...
This was almost that plate of nachos!

It's amazing how hit-and-miss restaurant nachos can be, despite them consistently costing more than taqueria nachos, not to mention the tip.  When I went to Mexico Lindo a few posts ago, I was soundly disappointed in the bland flavor, lack of flair, and careless assembly.  In stark contrast, the nachos at El Amigo Burrito were flavorful, thoughtfully composed, and generously piled with some of the best shredded chicken I've ever had!  Plus, have a look at the nifty educational placemat they were kind enough to include with my meal:

Anything bad about these nachos?  Well, I'm usually biased against store-bought chips and the chips here were obviously so, but being heated up actually kicked the perceived quality up a notch and made them passable.  Overall one of the better plates of nachos I've had.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Rating Notes: I asked them to hold the beans - good decision!  Would have been a 4½ but for the store-bought chips and one little chicken bone that almost stabbed my gums.
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