Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mexico Lindo (San Jose, CA) : Nachos with Chicken

Here's what this giant plate of nachos looked like when it first arrived at the table:

Pretty drab, eh?  Here's what they looked like after I spruced 'em up a bit:
Much better!
So, to answer your first question, yes, I should only be eating nachos once a week.
To answer your second question, no, I didn't eat this entire enormous plate of nachos, otherwise I'd probably  have had a heart attack on the spot or at least on the way home and wouldn't be writing this right now.
To answer your third question, no, the nachos weren't very good.
To answer your fourth question (why are you asking me so many questions?), it was because the chicken wasn't very flavorful and there were waaaayyy too many refried beans underneath, turning the chips into a big soggy mess before I even had a chance to eat a few of them.
To answer your fifth question (another one?), the chips were ok, but the freebie "ROI" chips that we munched on before we got our entrees were great.  They were the thin type and almost as good as the ones at Chevy's
To answer your sixth question (seriously, all these questions are getting out of hand!), if I came back to this restaurant, which is part of a 6 restaurant bay area chain, I'd skip the nachos and go with something more along the lines of the delicious-looking chicken fajita salad that my friend ordered.
To answer your seventh question (that's it - I'm done - here's the damn rating already!)…
Rating: 2½ out of 5
Rating Notes: No rating notes for you!  You asked me too many damn questions!
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