Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alicia's Cafe (San Jose, CA): Large Supreme Nachos with Chicken

Sigh.  Looking at this plate of nachos, I thought to my self, "Wow!  Those are going to be great!"
These nachos had the ingredients and presentation to bring in a great score, but they were kind of like British cars: the looks and all of the cool features are there at first, but living with them doesn't leave the best taste in your mouth, you wonder why you paid so much, and you'll likely never buy one again. 
The good:
All standard ingredients accounted for:
- Warm, crispy chips
- Refried beans
- Shredded chicken
- Generous portions of guacamole and sour cream
- Pico de Gallo
Less common ingredient accounted for:
- Olives (always a nice touch!)
Really big portion (they weren't kidding - these are "Large")
The Bad:
-Flavorless, "Blando Calrissian" chicken
-Cheese sprinkled on top of guacamole and sour cream = no melting - what the hell?
-$9.50 plus tax and tip
A Tip:
I'm quickly learning that except in extreme cases (like Taco Bell), price has nothing to do with how good a plate of nachos tastes.  When you go to a sit-down-get-served restaurant, you pay more, but with the exception of Angel's Rock House, the taste and quality of the nachos is usually equal or inferior to what you find in many hole-in-the-wall taquerias for a lot less money.
Rating: 2½ out of 5
Rating Notes: See above
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