Saturday, May 14, 2011

Planet Fresh Burritos (Santa Cruz): Regular Nachos with Chicken

A friend of mine had been recommending this place to me for awhile, so I, my family and she hopped in the car and made our way down to this nice little Santa Cruz taqueria the other day.  Located in a corner space on Center Street near down town Santa Cruz, this nifty little taqueria serves up what they call "Gourmet Burritos".  Basically, this means that they put some ingredients in their burritos that you wouldn't normally expect, like Thai chicken, prawns, and some other stuff not found on your typical taqueria meat selection.  In any case, I didn't care on this particular visit (I'll be back):  I was there for nachos!  From the normal to unusual mix of ingredients available on the menu for their menu selections, I was very curious about what I'd find in my nachos.  The answer?  The usual (chips, refried pintos, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, chicken, of course, and a bonus - scallions!) and that's good!  The scallions were a nice touch, btw.  I sometimes use those in my own cooking instead of regular onions.
In any case, these were some very "fresh" tasting nachos, with just the right amount of cheese and chicken.  And they actually gave you enough chips so that you didn't just end up with globs of goo in the bottom of the plate at the end.  And move over, Andale (see past post) - this is probably the best grilled chicken I've had: not dry and chewy - moist and tender.  Nice!
Rating: 3½ out of 5
Rating Notes: (would have been a 4 but for the fact that they brought me my nachos with no chicken at first and then had to add it to the top = lame)
Side Note:  They have a salsa at Planet Fresh called   "Sweet and Hot  " that is totally awesome.  This goey, Asian-esque salsa went great with the usual nacho flavors, but I'll bet it's killer if you combine it with one of their less pedestrian meat selections! 
More interesting side note:  Back in the day (mid-90's), a friend of mine had a band that played in this same space (I forget what it was called), and when I showed up, they had no one to run the mixing board for the show.  Since I'm a musician myself, they chose me.  Cool - I was almost part of the band - chicks dig that, right? 
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