Monday, April 30, 2012

300 (San Jose): Nachos with Chicken

Yes, these are as big as they look (see dollar bill next to them for comparison.  And no, I wasn't pleasantly surprised by an unexpectedly great-tasting "diamond in the rough" batch of nachos at a bowling alley of all places...  Actually, this was more of a "lump of coal in a Tiffany store" moment.  Considering the relatively trendy, pricey bowling experience you get at '300' and some of the other, better-executed menu selections at this admittedly cool bowling alley, I'd have expected a kickass plate of nachos.  Alas, all they really have going for them is sheer size.  We had a party of 8 people and didn't polish off this plate.

Side note: Got an extra $10k laying around?  Rent the "Back 9", a 9-lane, 50k sq ft private bowling suite for you and 699 of your closes friends or colleagues and have a high-brow bowl-o-rama (drinks not included in price, but there is a private bar).

Rating: 2½ out of 5
Rating Notes: Decent chips, tons of plastic cheese, and lots of pretty terrible grilled(?) chicken
Map to location (San Jose Franchise):

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