Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taqueria El Abuelo (San Jose, CA): Chicken Super Nachos

Grandpa (Abuelo) must have had some skills!  The moment I walked into this taqueria and looked at the steam table with its variety of well-marinated meats, I knew I was in for a tasty lunch.  I was right.  These were some excellent nachos.  I don't care how sloppy the plate looked or that it was paper.  The bad?  Not the best chips I've ever had and a bit heavy on the cheese.  Nonetheless, I'd eat these again in a heartbeat.

About those chips.  This is the first place I've ever gone where you grab a small paper sack and fill it full of chips, never being able to return unless you pay for another bag full.  Thank goodness their salsa bar had some great stuff.  That green one in the foreground is an excellent avocado blend!

Rating: 4 out of 5
Rating notes: Great chicken, all necessary ingredients present and accounted for.
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