Monday, April 23, 2012

More proof that the world LOVES NACHOS: A New Record for the Worlds' Biggest Batch!

Re-Posted from 6Lawrence (Kansas) News' Web Site"

Lawrence, KS - The Lawrence community came together this weekend to create the world largest plate of nachos. They did it. The plate was over 80 feet long, two feet wide, and ten inches deep, weighing in at a world record of 4,689 lbs. It’s now certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kansas athletics partnered up with Salty Iguana and Centerplate to make it happen. Those who came to enjoy the tasty treat were asked to pay $1 or donate a canned good to the LINK Kitchen. LINK officials say donations have been down recently and this event will help them get back on their feet. “It will help us pay our bills,” says LINK Coordinator Greg Moore. “We are solely supported on donations, so it’ll help pay our rent and buy our cleaning supplies.”

1,700 lbs. of beef and cheese laid on top of the 600 lbs. of tortilla chips that made up the base of the entre. But organizers say it’s not the record breaking title that has them excited. They wanted the Lawrence community to be in the limelight. They say so many people in the community work hard to help those in need and in return deserve to be rewarded.

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