Monday, April 30, 2012

Rio Adobe (Cupertino, CA): Adobe Nachos with Adobado Pork

So, welcome to the best plate of nachos that I've had so far!

I've been taking my time (read: procrastinating), trying to think of how to best articulate this nacho-munching experience.  This was a prticularly fun nacho lunch because not only did we have a group of people whooping it up, eating delicious Mexican food, but also tried a tasty Mexican dessert that I'd never had before (more on that later).

On the menu, Rio Adobe offers their enormous, top-flight plate of "Adobe Nachos" with either grilled chicken or beef.  Being the picky bastard that I've evolved into when it comes to what meat is on my nachos, this wouldn't do.  Skimming the rest of the menu, I spied "Adobado" which is a marinated, shredded pork.  Perfect!  So I ordered Rio Adobe Adobado Adobe Nachos (try saing that 3 times in a row!).  Great choice!  Just let me say, they should call "Adobadass" because this was some of the best meat I've had on my nachos anywhere.  Tender, flavorful and spicy!

And look!  They obviously melted the cheese in a broiler - the authentic way to make nachos (see my post on the history of nachos).  Most places I've been to lately use a microwave to melt the cheese, which sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of sogging out the chips.  Lame. Lazy.

Bonus!:  I'd like to thank my friend, Mike Chance for introducing me to Sopaipillas.  These delectable fried, puffed tortillas are served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and arranged in a pie-shape on a plate.  You bite off one corner and pour honey inside.  apparently these are a bit hard to find in the bay area.  Worth the trip to Rio Adobe to try!

Rating: 4¾ out of 5
Rating Notes: Why not a perfect 5?  Some of the chips were a bit burnt and they didn't use home-made, deep-fried tortilla chips.  Otherwise, excellent!
Map to Location: (across the street from Smoke Eaters, one of my favorite munch posts!)


  1. Oh my!! So close to a 5!! You picky nacho-snob!

  2. Hey, I've got standards, you know! Plus, once I find a 5, then what do I do? ;-)